Work Plan Begins

After receiveing a notice to proceed, work begins on the “San Francisco Illegal Dumping Eradication Project”. Crews have mapped out the plan to monitor, track and cleanup each of the 25 identified hotspots in the southeast sector of San Francisco. Every day of the week, DPW packer trucks are out to patrol the sites. Crews will document the condition of the locations and track the tonnage of debris cleaned up. Soon, the project workscope will include all aspects of the eradication project.

Here’s a summary of the approved work plan:

Work Plan:

DPW will to target the 25 identified chronic illegal dumping sites for clean up, mitigation, public education and outreach, enforcement, and monitoring, to eliminate the site as an illegal dumping location. The 25 sites have been chosen based on the following criteria: (1) it is a public right of way, (2) the visibility to a public thoroughfare, and/or (3) its proximity to residential homes.

The following are the tasks will be implemented:

1. Assessment: Pre-mitigation data including types and quantities of waste, description and identification of neighbors will be collected for each of the 25 sites identified for clean up. Photos and site descriptions will be posted publicly on a Grant Tracker website:

2. Cleanup and Prevention: DPW estimates cleanup will be necessary at an average of twice a week for each site.

3. Cleanup of incidental dumping sites: To the extent that illegal dumping shifts to new locations, some of the resources dedicated to the 25 hot spots will be shifted to new locations after review and approval by CalRecycle.

4. Monitoring and Maintenance: Enforcement officers will patrol each of the 25 sites daily to monitor the conditions and report needs for cleanup crews. Crews will check on the installed mitigation measures, and collect evidence (including interviews with neighbors) if illegally dumped materials are found on site.

5. Enforcement: Enforcement officers will collect evidence and work to hold illegal dumpers accountable.

6. Interagency Cooperation: DPW has an extensive list of community and municipal partners to assist with cleanup efforts. To help with outreach and solid waste removal, DPW will partner with Parking and Traffic, Building Inspection, Public Health, Department of the Environment, Redevelopment Agency, Planning Department, and the San Francisco Housing Authority.

7. Community Involvement: DPW outreach staff will prepare flyers and public service announcements to help inform the community of the problems and what the community can do to help the City crack down on illegal dumping.


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